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Discover the difference of being a carrier with Movin Logistics. We value the crucial role carriers play in the transportation landscape, and we invite you to join us for a journey that prioritizes efficiency, transparency, and mutual growth.

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Empower your business with Movin Logistics LLC. Seamlessly connect with industry-leading factoring partners, including RTS and TBS. Benefit from competitive rates, transparent processes, and continuous support for optimized financial success.

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Discover Movin Logistics LLC's diverse proficiency in numerous industries. With a core focus on optimization and innovation, our expertise extends to dispatch, IT solutions, customer service, and various other fields. We bring excellence to every sector we serve.

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  • Business it will frequently occur that pleasures.
  • Foresee the pain and trouble that are bound.
  • Make long term business decisions
  • Provide a service we are proud of
  • Be a responsible member of the community
  • Do what we like best, every pleasure is to be
  • Always seek to improve

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    You will be invoiced once a week, the invoice will be sent out Friday/Monday, for all your weekly loads, and due Sunday/Tuesday respectively. •CARRIER gives DISPATCHER authority to provide his signature for rate confirmation sheets, invoices, and associated paper works necessary for securing Cargo and billing purposes. The terms of this agreement shall be continuous, provided that either party may terminate this agreement at any time. •Shipper agrees to pay Carrier promptly, following receiving the invoice. The amount to be paid by the shipper to the carrier shall be established between the parties on a per-shipment basis prior to the commencement of each individual shipment. A load confirmation including details of shipment and revenue to be paid will be supplied via EMAIL by Shipper/ Broker/ Dispatcher to the carrier. Confirmation will be signed by Dispatcher and returned via FAX OR EMAIL to Shipper/ Broker. •Payments are due to the dispatcher for services rendered are not contingent on outstanding payments due to the Carrier for Loads Carrier hauled for the Shipper Or Broker. •Failure to pay Dispatcher for services rendered will result in the termination of the agreement and services immediately unless otherwise determined by the dispatcher.

    Our Expert Team

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    To be travel management leaders in regions in which we operate, innovative technology to improve the customer experience.s

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    Jennifer Rivera

    Team Leader

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    Sara Tendulkar

    Team Leader

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    David Miller

    Project Manager

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    Stuart Broad

    Dispatch Team Leader

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    Jennifer Rivera

    Shipping Director

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    Sara Tendulkar

    Team Leader

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    David Miller

    Project Manager

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    Stuart Broad

    Graphics Designer

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    Azfar Ali

    Dispatch Team Leader

    Emily Johnson here. Movin Logistics slashed our fuel costs with dynamic route optimization. They tailored solutions just for us. It's been a game-changer for Roadway Transport Services.

    Emily Johnson

    Owner Operator

    Sarah Lewis at Swift Hauling Company. Movin Logistics is our secret weapon. Transparent reporting and analytics are gold. They're the partner you want for optimizing fleet performance.

    Sarah Lewis

    Owner Operator

    Michael Carter from Express Freight Solutions. Seamless integration – Movin Logistics made it happen. Transitioning was a breeze, and operations are smoother than ever. Highly recommend.

    Michael Carter

    Owner Operator

    "FastTrack Logistics here. Jessica Turner speaking. Movin Logistics scales with us. Their tech innovation keeps us ahead. It's not just dispatch, it's a partnership in growth."

    Jessica Turner

    Business Partner

    "Movin Logistics changed the game for us. They streamlined our logistics with efficient routes and real-time tracking. Their support, 24/7, has been a game-changer. Thank you, Jose , Logistics Solutions Inc."


    Truck Driver

    David Miller at DigitalCraft Solutions. Movin Logistics made our website a masterpiece. Their graphics and branding work?

    David Miller

    Chief Technology Officer

    Laura Martinez from StellarGoods Online. Movin Logistics powered our e-commerce success. Digital marketing boosted sales.

    Laura Martinez

    CEO experiencing growth catalyst

    Mark Anderson, TechInnovate Solutions. Movin Logistics streamlined our operations. Their software dev and cybersecurity

    Mark Anderson

    Chief Information Officer

    Jennifer Brown, CloudInSync Technologies. Movin Logistics increased our data access. Their IT consulting is gold. Valuable insights guide our tech strategies for success.

    Jennifer Brown

    Chief Technology Officer.

    Brian Thompson of AppXperience Innovations. Movin Logistics' mobile app is a hit. Cybersecurity to app dev, they cover it all. A partnership that propels us forward.

    Brian Thompson

    Operations Manager

    "Hey there! I'm Jason Davis, Fleet Manager at Swift Deliveries. Movin Logistics optimized our routes, and real-time tracking is a game-changer. Couldn't ask for better support.

    Jason Davis

    Fleet Manager

    This is Rebecca Turner, Operations Director at Quick Haul. Movin Logistics seamlessly integrated their dispatch solutions. It's been a smooth ride, and the team is fantastic!

    Rebecca Turner

    Operations Director

    John Martinez here, Logistics Coordinator at Speedy Transports. Movin Logistics' dynamic route optimization cut our fuel costs. Their tailored solutions fit us perfectly.

    John Martinez

    Coordinator at Speedy Transports

    Samantha Lewis, Fleet Operations Manager at Express Movers. Movin Logistics' 24/7 support is a lifesaver. They've got our back, making sure everything runs like clockwork.

    Samantha Lewis

    Fleet Operations Manager

    Hello from Trucking Innovators! I'm Brian Thompson, CEO. Movin Logistics' scalability and tech innovation keep us at the forefront. A partnership that fuels our growth.

    Brian Thompson

    partnership that fuels our growth

    I'm Natalie Clark, Chief Marketing Officer at Digital Dynamics. Movin Logistics' digital marketing strategies elevated our online presence. They're not just a service; they're part of our success story.

    Natalie Clark

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Michael Reynolds, Founder and CEO at TechWave Solutions. Movin Logistics' IT consulting is spot-on. Their insights guide our strategies, ensuring we stay ahead in the tech game.

    Michael Reynolds

    Founder and CEO

    "Lisa Adams, Operations Manager at CyberShield Innovations. Movin Logistics' cybersecurity expertise is invaluable. They've fortified our digital fortress, giving us peace of mind." "Greetings! I'm Daniel Turner, Chief Creative Officer at PixelCraft Studios. Movin Logistics' graphics and branding work are pure artistry. They've given our brand a distinct and memorable identity."

    Lisa Adams

    Operations Manager

    Our awesome services

    Our Specialized Services

    To be travel management leaders in regionsin which we operate, innovative technology to improve the customer experience and bring positive change to the market.


    • Efficient Routing and Scheduling
    • Real-Time Tracking and Communication
    • Dynamic Route Optimization
    • Tailored Solutions for Your Fleet
    • 24/7 Dedicated Support
    • Transparent Reporting and Analytics
    • Compliance Management
    • Scalable Services for Growth
    • Technology-Driven Innovation
    • Fuel Reservation
    • Factoring Setup

    IT & Other Services

    • Web Designing
    • Graphics Designing
    • Branding
    • E-commerce Platform
    • Digital Marketing
    • Software Development
    • Mobile App Development
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Cybersecurity
    • Cloud Services
    • IT Consulting
    • Virtual Assistant
    • Youtube Managment